Be More Manly

If you really want to be successful with women, you have to be more manly. You see, a lot of man are being kind, and funny and nice because they are insecure. They don’t have the self-confidence it takes to act like a real man. They were born a boy, and some part of them still hasn’t made the transition to being a man.

Women like nice guys, they like friendly guys, they like funny guys. But they will never be romantically and sexually attracted to you if you don’t have the masculine traits that they want.

Women want a man who’s in control of himself, the situation – and even her. A woman doesn’t want a man that’s weaker than her. (Yes, there are exceptions – some women do want weaker men, but trust me: these are not the kinds of women that you want to have a relationship with. They’ll control you and take the life out of you).

I know that this is politically incorrect. I know that a lot of women – and even some men – will strongly disagree with this. I know they will think that this is “antiquated” thinking, and that my thoughts got stuck somewhere in the last century.

But what’s been true for the past couple of thousand years of history is still true now. I’m not saying women are weak – quiet the opposite. They are strong, but they still want a man that’s stronger than they are, and if they can’t get it, they feel like something is lacking from their life, and it leaves them feeling frustrated.

You see, I’ve tried many different ways to attract women. I’ve tried being nice, and kind and everything. And I’ve tried being an arrogant asshole.And you know what? Arrogance wins over submissiveness anytime.

Now, I am not recommending anyone to be an asshole. Most of the guys that treat women really bad and still are successful with women can pull that off because they have money, or looks, or fame or something like that. Without that advantage, they’d just be a lonely asshole.

But what I’m saying is, you should be more manly than you are right now. A woman doesn’t belong on a pedestal. She’s not above you. She doesn’t deserve that you lick her boots or kiss up to her. You know what she deserves? A guy that can call her out on if she’s acting crazy, bitchy, childish, unreasonable, and that gives her a good time when she’s acting decently and nice.

Shyness, weakness, submissiveness – all of these are traits that you have leave behind and replace with something better. It’s really not that difficult. Stand a little straighter. Talk a little bolder. Pay more attention to what you really want, rather than what you think is right.

There are many ways how to be more manly. It starts with simple things like this, but the most important thing you can do is about your attitude and your self-image. I found that hypnosis can often be the fastest way to become more manly.

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