Cum Too Soon?

cum too soonNow I’m not one to turn down a quickie – I think sometimes fast sex is fun and exciting. But if you cum too soon all the time and simply can’t last longer, then you have a real problem.

The thing is: you’re not the only man on earth who has this problem. In fact, millions of men ejaculate too quick!

I don’t know the statistics, but if the amount of emails and questions I get about this subject is representative, then I think it’s something like two to four out of ten men who are having trouble with premature ejaculation.

Just today I got an email from a guy who said that whenever he sticks it into a girl, he cums almost instantly. Instant Orgasm – if you could put that in a bag and sell it to women, you’d be rich. For a man though, not so good.

How much time it takes to ejaculate, this varies for every man, and even for every time that you have sex. Sometimes you might last longer, sometimes you finish off faster. The good thing is – this isn’t a medical condition or anything. So you can actually do something about it. You can train yourself to last longer and delay your ejaculation. The bad thing is: like many things, it takes practice, practice, practice.

You really don’t need pills or creams. I know a lot of guys think that a numbing cream or anaesthesia gels helps them, but I think that’s a really f#cked up idea. Why would you want to numb your d!ck with some chemical stuff? If you do this too often too long, maybe you won’t get it up anymore properly, and that’s much worse then cumming too soon.

There are some exercises that can help you (PE exercises), but the thing is: just training these muscles alone will probably not be enough0.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are a good start and definitely something you should do. The nice thing is you can do these exercises everywhere and every time. The easiest way is to simply do it when you’re on the toilet first. When you’re urinating, simply stop the stream of urine midflow. The muscle that you’re using to stop the flow of urine is the same muscle that you want to train (it’s called PC muscle). And then you want to flex this muscle during your everyday activities, so you can do it while you’re reading this text, or checking Facebook, or waiting in line at the cashier or whenever.

The Way You Masturbate

The way you masturbate probably is one of the reasons why you cum too soon. You want to masturbate in a way that helps you to last longer. So don’t go about it rushed. Instead, do it slowly and before you get to that point where you are about to cum, simply take a break and cool down a bit before you continue. This is called edging, and you want to practice it a bit longer.

Watch Your Thoughts?

Now the most common advice is to think unsexy thoughts. Like thinking of a washing machine or something like that and really focusing on that. I don’t think that’s a good idea. It might sometimes help you to last a bit longer, but it also makes sex much less fun. And after all, that’s what it’s all about, right? You can use it as a “mental emergency break” sometimes if you need it, but there are really better ways to delay your ejaculation.


It’s true that drinking can sometimes help you to last a little longer, so you might want to try that. But again, this is just one of these short-time tactics, and it’s not really what I recommend. Also, it works better for some guys than for others. But I’m talking drinking in moderation, don’t get totally shitfaced.

Longer Foreplay?

This is another piece of common advice – the idea is that you do foreplay longer, so that she’ll climax sooner too when you insert your penis into her vagina. While this isn’t a bad idea, it still doesn’t stop you from cumming to soon. It’s just a workaround.

Ultimately, in most cases there is not a single thing or technique that will really help you if you stop to soon. You need to address this problem from all sides: physiological, psychological and also hormonal. There’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to do this, click here to download it.

The stuff that matters to women when you’re on a first date

Anywhere in the dating process – but particularly on your first date – there is one thing that women absolutely expect from you.

It’s not about wealth or power or even looks.

It’s an inner quality.

A character trait.

And that’s a good thing because you can train yourself to build up this character trait, and you can learn how to demonstrate that you have it.

What’s that “inner quality”?

Well, it’s confidence!

The online dating site match recently surveyed a bunch of women and asked them what the first thing they notice about a guy is – and confidence is on top of the list.

So find out how to become more confident with women!

Touch To Seduce

Want to get a girl’s number?

Touch her.

(Hey, no, not there!)

Look, if you’ve spent any time studying seduction the concept of physical escalation is not new to you.

But it’s always great to see science catching up on us.

So here’s a cool study:

Previous research has shown that light tactile contact increases compliance to a wide variety of requests. However, the effect of touch on compliance to a courtship request has never been studied. In this paper, three experiments were conducted in a courtship context. In the first experiment, a young male confederate in a nightclub asked young women to dance with him during the period when slow songs were played. When formulating his request, the confederate touched (or not) the young woman on her forearm for 1 or 2 seconds. In the second experiment, a 20‐year‐old confederate approached a young woman in the street and asked her for her phone number. The request was again accompanied by a light touch (or not) on the young woman’s forearm. In both experiments, it was found that touch increased compliance to the man’s request. A replication of the second experiment accompanied with a survey administered to the female showed that high score of dominance was associated with tactile contact. The link between touch and the dominant position of the male was used to explain these results theoretically.

Guegen, N. (2007). Courtship compliance: The effect of touch on women’s behaviour. Social Influence, 2, 81-97.

Yep, a bunch of scientists actually went out in the field and did the math. And they found: if we touch girls on the arm, we get more phone numbers. Surprise, surprise 😉

Making a Good First Impression: Choose Your Shoes!

Obviously appearance matters when it comes do dating and seduction. And of particular importance are your shoes. I know, that’s what most guys really don’t care about, and girls are obsessed with.

There is a new scientific study (yep, like in real science) that shows that shoes can actually be a quite accurate way to assess certain personality traits, including age, gender, income, attachment anxiety (wtf?).

Source: Omri Gillath, Angela J. Bahns, Fiona Ge, Christian S. Crandall, Shoes as a source of first impressions, Journal of Research in Personality, Volume 46, Issue 4, August 2012, Pages 423-430, ISSN 0092-6566, 10.1016/j.jrp.2012.04.003.

High Social Status = Better Health (Says Scientific Study)

When it comes to seduction, a lot of it has to do with your place among peers, your social status. High status is attractive. Many men think high status is about how much money they have, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s a social quality, it’s about the way you interact with others and the confidence you radiate.

Scientists (I just love these guys, don’t you) made this crazy experiment.

They wanted to know how high social status impacts health.

Since they couldn’t really pull this off with human beings, they did the experiment with baboons. Baboons are pretty amazing monkeys, highly intelligent (and they have a lot of sex, but that’s not the point here).

And they found that higher status baboons heal faster when they are sick or wounded.

You might say: “Well, of course!” But it’s not really that easy to tell.

Because higher status baboons also expend more energy and have higher levels of testosterone. And one of the things that testosterone does is to suppress the immune system!

But higher status baboons got sick less often, had better healing rates when they got sick, and even their wounds from fights healed faster.

And of course… they got a lot of girls!

Just one more reason to learn to play the social game and be the alpha male. We’re social animals, and if you’re socially good you have all it takes to have a good quality of life.

Why Dumb Girls Are More Attractive (Scientific Study)

There is a common saying that goes that dumb girls are more sexy. Stupid girl = attractive girl?

Well, not always, but in many cases that actually is true.

And there is now science behind it to prove it. Scientists use the term sexual exploitability hypothesis – basically meaning: the dumber a girl is, the more easily she can be sexually exploited. Dumb girls can be seduced easier. So it makes sense for a men to find dumb girls more attractive, because it enhances his chances of passing on his genes.

Read Do Men Find Dumb-Looking Women More Attractive? A new study says yes

Let Her Talk… About Herself

One of the best things you can do when you’re on a date with a girl is to just listen. I know, that’s old, generic dating advice. But keep at it. Because when you are listening, you are letting her talk. (And women love that).

What you can do though is to direct the flow of the conversation – just nudge it a bit in the direction you want most.

Let her talk about herself.

You know why you want her to talk about herself?

Because it makes her feel good. In fact, scientists found out the the same pleasure-reward centers in the brain get activated when people talk about themselves that also get activated when they eat food or have sex! They used a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner to look into the brains of people as they were talking about themselves, and compared the activation patterns with those of when the volunteers talked about other things.

When Women Smile At You, Other Women Want You More

It’s a really easy way to become more attractive, sexy and desirable to a woman: have other woman smile at you.

Now, in the seduction and pick up world, we have known that for quiet some time, but what I didn’t know is that even scientists know that! (They actually did a study about this).

If a woman sees that other women smile at you, she will find you more attractive.

What’s also interesting – according to a study women who have been drinking find guys around 25% more attractive. So get them to drink something. And I don’t mean trash them. Just a glass of wine will be fine. Because alcohol stimulates the part of our brain that determines facial attractiveness of other people.

Now, the video also hands out some really crap advice – basically telling you to suck up to a woman by flattering her, making the conversation all about her, laughing at her jokes etc. If you try that in the real world with attractive women – good luck. (Yeah, it DOES work with the ugly, boring ducklings that never have anyone laughing at their jokes or paying them a compliment, but to a woman that’s attractive, this is just a turnoff, because she gets it all the time from guys).

But here’s an interesting thing: if you have opposing views about something, and then you let her win you over to her side, so that you change your opinion to hers, makes you more attractive. Honestly, I haven’t tried that, and it goes to my instinct in the first place. But I’ll check it.

Facebook Sex and Dating Tips for Guys

Pay attention guys. There is a trillion girls on Facebook, most of them awaiting the best guy. Which guy, is not really approaching for whatever reason. Probably because a lot of guys are lost in space with regards to attracting a woman online. They struggle picking her track of utterly stupid get lines, plus some other “Joe in the hood” crap. Facebook is really a mecca for dating – Knowing using it. And never many guys realize that. I’ve had sex with one hundred ladies who I’ve met through Facebook – and that i made it happen by relaxing in my pajamas. This can sound cheesy, but when I will get it done, well… you obviously can’t, or else you would not be looking over this, yet. However, you COULD get it done.

If you’re seriously interested in altering your Facebook dating fortune, you need to improve your actions. First get rid of the bad stuff, then focus on doing the great stuff – which will get her, and keep her, thinking about you. Listed here are two thing that you ought to STOP doing:

#1 – Stop displaying interest in early stages. Most guys screw up in the beginning. I truly do not understand the reason a lot of individuals guys shoot yourself within the foot. Let’s imagine you signal her a close friends Request and she or he accepts it. Don’t send her a note immediately. She’s getting that time. If you’re Exactly the same like everybody else – why would she have relations with you, when she will get it done with other people. Consider it. A man that starts liking each and every picture she’s, or status update, or starts harassing her with messages. Giving a woman compliments in the WRONG time can screw up things – and she’ll provide you with a NO immediately. Don’t shoot yourself within the foot, allow her to come your way, don’t chase her down just like a dog.

I understand that many guys make use of the “numbers game”, they ATTACK as numerous girls as you possibly can, hoping that certain of these will “fall”. That’s nonsense. Quality over quantity guys… should you focus on yourself, they’ll come.

#2 – Log off of Facebook. Don’t sit around home before your pc trying to puzzle out things to tell a woman. If you do not understand what to express, then GO Make a move together with your life. You will have Absolutely nothing to say if whatever you do all day long is hold out on Facebook’s Chat for many girl to look. Or should you spy on her behalf 24/7.  You don’t wish to seem like a LOSER which has absolutely nothing to do in the life apart from take a seat on Facebook. You shouldn’t be an addict. It isn’t attractive. Guys that update their status 15 times each day, which are overactive online just appear COMMON, too available – and never mysterious enough. Every hot chick will confirm you that. So if you’re spending a lot of time on Facebook – without actually getting RESULTS (sex), then switch off your pc. Or at best – don’t allow it to be visible for them that you’re online constantly.

Just by doing these two simple things, your chances of getting a date through Facebook will triple. Now, if you want to learn exactly what to say, why to say it – and what to do to make yourself 10 times more attractive to these chicks – go read my []Facebook Sex Guide by []clicking here. Or just keep jerking off at home for the rest of your life.

Developing Your Sense of Fashion

Now a lot of guys who aren’t as successful with women as they want to be have kind of issues with fashion.

Sometimes they think fashion isn’t manly. Or they think that caring about fashion is somehow female, or gay.

Or they just don’t care.

It doesn’t matter what it is: if you want to be more successful with women, upgrading your sense of fashion is a really good idea.

I’m not saying that you can’t pick up women when you’re dressed badly. You can. It’s just a lot more difficult.

And you can enhance your chances of succeeding with women many times by just dressing better.

(Btw. that does not mean you have to wear expensive brand-name clothes or anything like that. You don’t need to spend a fortune on clothing.)

But how do you develop your sense of fashion?

Well, there are really two ways that I want to recommend you.

First is: make use of your observation skills.

Look at how other people are dressed. And particularly, look at how people dress who are successful with women.

Look at the details and try to understand what makes them look good.

And the second piece of advice on developing your sense of fashion is way more powerful.

Go shopping at least every week. The more the better.

You don’t have to buy anything. But just go into a clothing store and try on different outfits.

Also try on things that you have no intention of buying, or even wearing, and that you think are totally ridiculous. But just try them on to see what it does to your appearance.

This really does two things:

First, you will get a better eye for what makes you look good.

And second, it will build up the confidence inside you to wear things that you might not feel comfortable in right now.

And realize this: going into a clothing store, trying out clothes and not buying anything is totally fine.

A lot of guys worry about the sales staff. What’s the sales staff going to think if I come in here and don’t buy anything? And then they have to put the clothes back and this and that.

But you know what?

That’s they job.

That’s what they get paid for.

They get paid for being there for people who want to try on and buy clothes.

They are already getting paid by the hour, whether you walk in there or not.

And oftentimes, the sales staff in clothing stores is female (and good looking). And you can use that as another opportunity to practice your seduction skills and increase your confidence with women.