Attraction Makes You King Or Slave

Something important about attracting women that you should understand.

In fact, it’s about attraction in general, so let me start with it from YOUR perspective.

When you see a really hot woman dancing, do you notice that something happens with you?

There’s an emotional reaction going on.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to a club where really hot girls dance, or go to a high-class striptease bar).

When a really attractive woman dances really sexy in front of you, it does something.

It creates intense attraction.

She is giving you some kinds of signals that change the way you feel.

(And these changes are basically chemical reactions that happen inside your brain).

Some women are better than others at emitting the “signals” that cause these chemical reactions in your brain.

They do it with their body language, gestures and voice tone.

Now if that hot woman is dancing really sexy in front of you… can you just “stop it” and be totally cool? (I mean not just acting cool, but feeling totally at easy and NOT attracted?).

You really don’t have any conscious control over deep emotions like that.

In a way, it’s hypnotizing.

So the hotter the woman, and the more sexy she dances, the less conscious control you have about yourself and the situation.

This is an important point:

the more attracted you are, the less control you have about yourself and the situation.

Do you see a shift in power?

The one that feels attracted is in a position of inferior power to the one that creates the attraction.

That is why it’s important that you are the one who creates the attraction.

Fortunately, women respond to different signals than men. I’m really not a good enough dancer to have that kind of effect on women.

Women respond to the way you talk, the sound of your voice, the way you move, your facial expressions – things that you CAN control and improve. It’s about your character and your personality.

And if you learn how to attract really hot women, then you are the one who is in control. And it’s fun to play with a woman’s attraction. Once you experience that, you will see that dating really is a game, and it’s a fun game, and you’ll enjoy playing it. And the more you enjoy playing it, the better you will become at it.

Some guys think this is a cruel, dog-eat-dog style approach to romance.

But I tell you what. I love to fall in love as much as the next guy. I love to be in love with a woman as much as any other guy. And heck, I love romantic moments if it’s not cheesy Hollywood-style stuff.

But you need to get out of that Disney-fantasy world. The game is being played in the real world. And there are some harsh truths to face in the real world. Closing your eyes and trying not to see them won’t help you to be happier. You need to face reality first – and then you can discover all the beautiful stuff that’s there.

Reality has good things and bad things. That’s life. You have to make a choice: do you want to live in a fantasy-bubble because you only want the good things, or do you want to live in the real world, experience real pleasure, even if there’s bad stuff to cope with too?

That’s the difference between a guy who spends his life surfing porn sites and a guy who spends his life with really hot, beautiful, sexy women around him.

A firm grip on reality.

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