Attracting Girls: The Romance Novel Element

by MasterSeducer on June 17, 2010

Now the kind of woman that you want to date might not be the kind of woman that’s reading romance novels in her free time.

Doesn’t matter.

You can still learn a lot from romance novels.

Because these novels sell like crazy.

(That’s why you can find them in every bookstore).

Women like that stuff.

Even the ones who don’t read them like that stuff.

And if you read them,

you’ll know why they like them.

And you’ll notice something about the main character.

The guy almost always starts out as a mean, savage, brutal, wild, strong guy who gets into fights and stuff like that.

As the plot develops, and he falls in love with the main female character of the novel, he starts to change.

She basically “tames” him.

But there’s still that element of wildness inside of them.

These guys aren’t afraid of stuff.

These goes have something special.

Something that is so appealing to women, that it sells millions and millions of books every year.

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