Attracting Girls: The Fairy Tale

by MasterSeducer on June 23, 2010

Before I get started, I want you to watch this:

A lot of guys that ask me for advice to become better with women say stuff like:

“I don`t want to have to change the way I dress just so I can meet a hot woman. I want a woman that accepts me for who I really am.”

“I want a woman that loves me with all my imperfections and insecurities.”

Yadda, yadda…

I want a toilet that turns my poopoo into gold every time I flush.

But I’m not gonna waste my time waiting for that alchemistic toilet. Because it’s not gonna happen in the real world.

And if you are not willing to get a bit hip on some of the basics it takes to attract a woman, but want to continue waiting for that fairy tale girl, then you better find someone in Second Life and make a decision to live your life there instead of the real world.

In order to succeed, you need to face reality first, even if it doesn’t look the way you want it to look.

Once you’ve accepted reality for what it is, you can then start to get what you want from it.

But you can’t cross your arms and say: “No, that’s not how it’s supposed to be!”

That won’t get you nowhere.

I’m not telling you to become a different person, or to pretend to be somebody other than yourself.

But I’m telling you that you make things a lot easier, and stack the chances a lot more in your favor if you are ready and willing to improve yourself in certain areas, rather than being stuck in some childish avoidance behavior.

If you’re serious about succeeding with women, then it’s time to get real.

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