Attracting Girls: Movie Night

Okay pal, here’s an assignment for you. (Don’t worry, it’s cool).

Go to your DVD store, or check out netflix and watch the James Bond movies.

Or watch Gone With The Wind (yeah, I’m serious), and check out that Rhett Butler character.

They’re excellent guys to “model” yourself after.

(And I’m not talking about looks. I’m talking about the way they communicate with women).

The girls around these character are always kept on their toes. They always know that they’re up against a challenge with that man.

And that man always makes them feel something.

In fact, that something isn’t even always positive. Sometimes it’s negative.

But it’s always high-intensity.

Whenever they’re around that man, life is intensified, the good and the bad.

Women might not say they like that.

But there’s a part deep inside their brains, way too deep to do anything about it, that craves that intensity.

And if you can make them feel that way, they’ll crave you.

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