Attracting Girls Like Thomas Crown

The Thomas Crown Affair is a great movie if you want to get better at attracting girls.

Yeah, Thomas Crown is this ultra-rich New York financier, and he’s an absolute womanizer.

But it’s not his money that makes him attractive to women. In fact, the money is simply a result of his personality. And his personality is that of a man who has mastered himself.

He always i in control of the situation. No matter how the police tries to get after him – he’s always three steps ahead.

Being around him, one always feelsĀ  like playing chess against Kasparov.

If you want to work on your inner game, then this is the movie to watch.

Forget all the money. Forget even the looks.

That’s the boring stuff.

The stuff that gets the girls excited is what’s left after you take all that away.

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