Attracting Girls If You’re An Ugly Guy

I know a lot of guys that don’t date enough women because they think they don’t look good enough.

They are afraid that the women won’t be interested in them because they can’t keep up with Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

And I get why so many men think that way.

They think that women won’t be interested in an average or below-average looking guy because they are not interested in an average or below-average looking girl.

It’s a fact that men and women are attracted to different things.

Men are mainly attracted to looks (first).

Women are mainly attracted to PERSONALITY.

It’s not looks.

And if you doubt that, I suggest you go to any crowded place and count couples.

I want you to categorize the couples:

Category A:  hot dudes and ugly chicks.

Category B:  hot chicks and ugly dudes.

Category C: approximately equally looking partners.

You’ll find that there are A LOT more in the B category than in the A category.

(Many guys think the reason is money. But while that might be true in 10% of the cases, in most cases hot chicks stick to ugly guys because of their personality!)

And that’s good news for you if you don’t look like the guy from the Coke ad.

Because there’s very little you can improve about your looks.

But your personality?

It’s easy to improve your personality in just the right areas to attract chicks.

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