Attracting Girls: Automatic Approval

A lot of guys want a girls approval…
… when they’re on a date…
… when they’re in a relationship…

… and it doesn’t do them so much good.

In fact, it often is a total turnoff for the girl.

A lover doesn’t want to be your mother.

Feeling that she is supposed to give you her approval will make her lose all romantic and sexual interest in you really quickly.

If you want to become good at attracting girls, you need to switch of any desire to get their approval.

Instead, put them in a position where they want to get your approval.

Because once they are trying to get your approval, they simply forget about approving or disapproving you.

Now, that’s a really difficult thing to do. How the heck to make a girl want to get your approval?

Yeah, it really is difficult if you don’t know how.

But if you know how, it all becomes so easy.

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