Arrogant Women – How To Deal With Them

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’re up against an arrogant woman, here’s a really good way to deal with it.

Let’s say you’re in a bar and there’s this really hot chick and she’s giving you an attitude.
What do most guys do? They collapse like a cheap folding chair under a rhinoceros’ ass. They start to become insecure and nervous – all of the sudden they turn into a mouse between the paws of a cat.

So here’s a way to totally derail that train and turn the tables. Tell her this: “Nice try, but I’m afraid you’ll have to try harder.”

She’ll ask you what you mean by that of course. So then you reply: “Most men fall for your act. You got it down really good, that I’m so hot that I don’t need to care, you’re beneath me. Sure you get away with it most of the time. But I know something about you that all of them don’t know. Behind that cold facade, you actually do care a lot about what other people think and say about you. Sure, you don’t show it and brush it off – but you keep thinking about it afterwards all the time.”

You see, there’s some deep psychology behind this. You don’t have to word it exactly the way I did now. (Which is actually something I learned from David, and he’s able to demonstrate it much better – but the thing is, even the way I do it works like blockbusters).

But just by saying these things, you immediately set yourself off from the crowd – you’re different from all the other guys. You demonstrate that you understand something about her that other men simply don’t get.

Because men and women think differently. And most men are unable to bridge that mental gap and get inside a woman’s head to understand what she wants, feels and likes.

(Just as very few women are able to get into a man’s head. Instead, both sides often look only at their differences from their own standpoint and point to the perceived absurdity. But if you want to become a master seducer, you need to be able to get into a woman’s head. It’s actually quiet easy if you understand some basic things about it. David does a great job with it in his ebook.)

But a woman wants certain things that man find totally undesirable (just as men want certain things that women don’t care for). That’s why a man’s magazine and a woman’s magazine write about completely different stuff.

If you pull that off with an arrogant woman – you’ll see how she’ll change into another human being right in front of you. You see, every woman secretly craves for a man that really understands her and is able to provide her with what she wants. (Funnily, it’s NOT money or a Brad Pitt body – yeah, women like money, but there are some things that women find even more attractive than money, and they’re free for you.)

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