Approach A Hot Girl (Because She Wants It Too)

Next time you see a really hot woman in some bar or nightclub, I want you to stop your mind for a second.

Because for many guys, what’s going on in their minds is this:

“Oh, man, look at that hot chick! I wanna talk with her… but… she’s out of my league, or she probably has a boyfriend already, or I’ll just screw up somehow”.

That’s not exactly what will make you successful with women.

Instead, think this:

“Look at that sweetie. She put at that time and effort into dressing up like that, and look at her hair and makeup. She did all of that to get attention, she enjoys attention. I’m gonna give her some, she’ll like it.”

Do you get that?

It’s much better than: “Oh, I couldn’t talk with a girl like that.”

And it’s true: if she’s made herself up like this, she did so because she DOES want attention.

And if you want to get good with girls, then you should not let a chance like this pass.

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