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If you’re looking for advice on dating, you probably aren’t as successful as you want to be with women. But the simple fact that you’ve come here and read this article already shows that you’re on the right track. Most men never get this far: they think that if they’re not good at attracting women, they can’t do anything about it. Instead, they spend their time and money on online dating websites, clothes and other stuff.

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But if you actually get better at flirting with women, then you don’t need all that stuff – because you’ll be able to hook up with girls everywhere.

It’s true that there are some men that are “naturals” – they never had problems chatting up girls, they were born womanizers so to speak. It’s kind of unfair for the rest of us who struggled with it – but believe me when I tell you that you can actually learn to become great at dating!

I did it myself. I won’t bore you with my personal life’s story, but be assured that I wasn’t particularly successful with women myself. In fact, I got so frustrated with my lack of skills and my insecurity with women that I started to seek out advice on dating and seduction myself. I read almost a hundred books, listened to audio courses, watched DVDs, went to workshops and so on.

There was a lot of useless and false advice on dating – but in the midst of all this, there was some really good stuff that helped me to become who I am today – a master seducer.

Get Free Advice On Dating – Click Here

Maybe that’s not what you want. Maybe you don’t want to be seducing girls all the time – that’s cool. This stuff helps you if you just want to find a good woman to be with too.

You probably don’t have a lot of confidence around beautiful women – and it’s essential that you learn to handle your insecurities before you learn about how to approach girls and all that stuff. There are lots of great pick-up lines and things you can say to get a woman interested in you – but if you come from an emotionally needy or insecure place, none of them will work.

On the other hand – if you’re so self-confident and comfortable with yourself that you literally radiate it, then it pretty much doesn’t matter what you say, because that “halo” of confidence is so attractive to women that they’ll love to be around you.

But I understand it might seem like that confidence is very far away from you. However, if you simply understand how dating works, and what the rules are, confidence will come naturally. Dating really is a very systematic process, and all you need to do is to internalize this process so you can make it work for you. It kind of becomes like a “paint-by-numbers” thing – you do one step, the second step, and you get where you want to go.

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