Abundance & Approach Anxiety

Think of a really hot girl right now. One that’s just a pure stunner.

She get’s hit on a hundred times a week by all kinds of guys. Some guys actually walk up to her and talk to her. Some guys just look at her, hoping that something is going to happen that will bring them together. But she gets SIGNALS from guys every day.

That’s why it’s easy for her to blow a guy off. Because guys basically are a replaceable commodity for her – she can always get another one. So she is not concerned about “screwing up her chances” with some random guy that’s looking at her or talking to her.

She’s got “boy abundance”. That’s why she’s not nervous when she talks with a guy. That guy is nothing special. It’s just one of many.

In fact – that’s part of what makes her even more attractive, because it kind of gives her that attitude of aloofness. And we human beings usually like to have what is hard to get.

Now, if you can adapt that mindset, then you can do the same with her.

What’s funny is – if you have that abundance mindset with women, then they’ll react completely different to you. Because all of the sudden, you talk with her in a different way than 99% of the other guys who have a scarcity mindset when it comes to women. And that suddenly turns YOU into a rare and precious thing for her.

In dating, you always want to have the upper hand.

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