Exercise To Build Charisma For Seduction

If you want to know how to become good at seduction, watch the guy in this video and then emulate him.

And it doesn’t matter how handsome or smart you look or not look. Just watch the guy, see how he acts, how he looks and try to feel how he feels.

He’s got his game down.

I can’t emphasize enough how important ATTITUDE is when it comes to girls.

And this is one way to build that attitude. This is how you BUILD charisma – you practice it!

Seriously, watch the video and then copy his gestures, his looks, his facial expressions.

Practice them with your eyes closed, with your eyes open and in front of the mirror.

Practice them recording yourself, and practice several versions of it.

When you KNOW how you are perceived by others, that alone makes you so much more confident. And it puts you in control.

Most insecure guys simply don’t know how to bluff. They simply don’t know what others think about them – and that makes them totally insecure.

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