Attracting Women: Get Over It

Now, I’m not saying that this is how you feel about attractive women, but at least do yourself a favor and read it.

And then doublecheck if some of it applies to you.

Because I know that what you’re about to read describes the attitude most guys that suck at dating and seduction have towards attractive women.

Beautiful women are rare.

They’re something precious.

A beautiful women is worth more than my self-respect.

A beautiful women is worth more than my personal wants.

A beautiful women is worth risking my time and money.

Jadda, jadda…

The whole thing boils down to “I’m dirt under a woman’s shoes”.

And that’s not going to get you anywhere, unless you want to shell out a couple hundred bucks for a three hour session with a dominatrix.

I’m talking crass language and pushing it to the extreme here, because there’s a deep-running psychological tendency that’s screwing up your game with women.

And you need to get over it.

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